Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Clover's Press Secretary resigns

We have just been told that Pam Walker, Clover Moore's Press Secretary, has resigned -- and a call to Clover's office confirms Pam is 'no longer with us'.

More resignations are in the wind, we are told.

Pam, well liked among the community, was formerly editor of the Central Courier weekly magazine and had been head-hunted by Clover Moore.


Anonymous said...

Who needs a press secretary when you consistently make a fool of yourself?

Anonymous said...

Does that mean a head is now rolling over in the clover?

Anonymous said...


A wise and strategic move. I know that your talents will be appreciated elsewhere. You are a true visionary and could see it was time to jump from the Titanic. Yes it was also on its maiden voyage.

You survived. Its captain will sink with the ship.