Thursday, September 16, 2004

Council grants a choice of pavers!

People who commented on plans to upgrade Springfield Avenue will not only get a second chance to comment but have also have been offered a choice of pavers.

This follows a street meeting with Lord Mayor Clover Moore, councillors and staff (see stories below).

Council's initial plan was to lay bitumen, but after complaints that this was a downgrade, settled on more of the grey granite as seen now in Darlinghurst Road. However residents brought up other ideas such as terracotta pavers which would complement the many brick Art Deco flats in the precinct, or a mottled grey paver as seen in Llankelly Place.

Comments are open until 30 September but council urges early lodgement as the construction is soon due to begin.


Anonymous said...

You’ve got more chance of being laid by a hooker on Darlinghurst Rd than getting tiles laid by that inexperienced manager Ms C.Moore.

All P.R and no substance. Every business will go broke by the time she wakes up from her 17 year hibernation in make believe land.

What’s it called, Cloud Clover?

Anonymous said...

Does the same person write all the comments on this site? Even this one?

Anonymous said...

Not unless you are me. And I don't think you are.