Friday, September 10, 2004

The Kings Cross drugs debate

A lot of (less-than polite) comment on this site revolves around drugs, blaming them for the condition of the Cross.
Yes the drugs etc are here but a few simple, imaginative initiatives would bring a lot more people in who would dilute and displace those people who seems to be so disparagingly judged and condemned by the 'superior' people. That is the positive way forward.

There is no solution to the drugs thing, as you can see at every PACT meeting, short of regulated supply of heroin. This would gradually rob the dealers of their customers and make it unnecessary for working girls to stay on the game just to feed their habit, while reducing the overdose rate because the strength and quality would be known. And if you read the Household Drugs Survey 2001, it is very clear that you would not get a flood of new users because hardly anyone who chooses not to use a particular drug would change their mind if it became legal. For example Amsterdam, where you can consume pot at some cafes and clubs, has the lowest rate of cannabis use per head of any city in Europe.

If you could register somewhere and get the stuff at the MSIC, would YOU suddenly start sticking a needle in your arm? I thought not.

All the serious problems in the Cross are symptoms of prohibition and over-regulation, and until we move the debate into those areas we will continue to run around in circles. Roslyn St for instance -- because of prohibition it is currently being 'revitalised' by the closure of all the pot cafes, and the street dealing just increases every time one closes down. And as our new top cop said, 'For every dealer we put in jail eight more appear.'

Google 'Harry Anslinger Prohibition' for an insight into the lies and hypocrisy that brought prohibition about. Or click on the headline for a really well researched site on the stupidity of prohibition. After all, it didn't work for alcohol...

What are those 'simple, imaginative initiatives?' I'll post my ideas for the Cross when I get a minute... what are yours?

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