Thursday, September 23, 2004

Residents Call for Moratorium to Protect Kings Cross Heritage Streetscape

Resident groups, DRAG and 2011 have written to Clover Moore, Lord Mayor, City of Sydney Council, calling for a major scaling back of works on the building awnings and signage in Kings Cross.

This follows a well-attended Kings Cross Community Forum on Monday 20 September, hosted by the Lord Mayor. Speaker after speaker put forward the widely-held view that the heritage streetscape and classic neons should be retained, protected and enhanced.

The Lord Mayor has said that Council is committed to maintaining the unique character of the Darlinghurst Road including its neon precinct (Lord Mayor’s announcement 30 July 2004). Yet Council's scheme to cut back or rip out awnings, trash neon signs and to install soulless standardised signage continues apace.

At the forum Councillor Phillip Black, of the South Sydney Heritage Society, made a bold statement of principle opposing the ongoing removal of signage and the pointless destruction of 1920s and 1930s building awnings.

In the face of this Geoff Brew, construction manager, mooted the possibility of concentrating council’s efforts on footpaths, drainage and roadworks and further scaling back of work on awnings and the removal of signage. As the street work upgrade is now months over schedule, this would seem an eminently sensible and much needed approach.

DRAG and 2011 are requesting a Moratorium on further work to building awnings and signage until the new City of Sydney Signage and Advertising Structures Development Control Plan (DCP) is discussed. There is no rush to pull down signs or erect new ones.

They have requested a Mayoral Minute for a Moratorium and give priority to the footpath and opening the roads.

-- Press release from DRAG & 2011. Click headline to link to the DRAG website. Write to 2011 Association at PO Box 1211 Potts Point 1335.

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