Thursday, October 14, 2004

Smokers chased down the road

Smokers will not be allowed to indulge their addiction either inside or outside pubs and venues if Council gets its way, according to today's SMH.

The reasoning is that they toss their butts into the gutter (cigarette butts, that is) and they end up in the harbour. It's true -- that surreptitious flick of the butt is really interesting to watch -- each smoker has their own technique and as a result these people cannot really complain about the ban as they have brought it on.

Perhaps though, rather than banning every possible risk out of existence, venues could be required to provide outside butt bins and service them.

My problem with smokers being relegated to one room in pubs etc (NSW legislation) is that most of my friends are smokers (they have more fun) and I will cop twice the smoke if I socialise with them.

To see full article click the headline. Here's a comment posted by a reader:

'Yeah and if you read todays Herald 14 October you will not be able to light up in a pub and according to Clover you will not be able to even stubb out the butts on the footpath. Kings Cross is the best place to go if you want to buy and have a smoko. This demonisation is a standard tactic of those who support prohibition and criminalisation. You have to ask why they have to distort the facts to justify their position.'


Anonymous said...

Quick Clover get a new press secretary.

"Look at the Oxford Street entertainment precinct and Darlinghurst Road and see how people congregate outside those venues. When this ban proceeds clearly that is going to be accelerated," she said.

Funny thing, I always thought that the people congregating outside the venues were just waiting to get inside.

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps though, rather than banning every possible risk out of existence, venues could be required to provide outside butt bins and service them"

Butt bins I thought were toilets. Seriously though, the council should rent out the space on the footpath for theses bins just as they do for the chairs for people enjoying coffee.

Hell if you are going have a drug of choice let it be coffee any day. Then again Clover wants safe ( to mug another day ) injecting room, wet rooms to get pissed in.Then how about smoking rooms to get cancer (like at Bangkok airport)

The Editor said...

Love the clear perspex smoking rooms at Bangkok Airport. If you're out of fags, you just go in and breathe.

Yes, Clover supports the MSIC and wet centres. But she also supports regulated supply of heroin which would stop most of the muggings, put criminal supply chains out of business and keep the stuff out of the hands of children.

It's Bob Carr who supports the present status quo and who keeps the MSIC where it is. If you closed it, the muggings would continue.

Anonymous said...

The muggings would continue probably at A REDUCED RATE AS THEY COULD OVERDOSE AT HOME AND DIE (just joking).

Notwithstanding this, here is the message. Shoot up heroin as much as you like and the state government will revive you. What a great message to give the kids. If you want to try it then try it with us.

The Church will cash in and make millions in the pretext of saving lives and they will find a suitable bible reference for it. It’s their new business. From child abuse to drug abuse.

The medical profession will cash in big time to run methadone clinics (its a massive business for them) and consult the injecting centre. Money Money Money.

It you are a third rate medico seeking prestige from a so called safe injecting room, this is the job for you. Over paid and overseas trips await you to teach other incompetents how to rip off the system and get rich.

Find a not so bright politician to run with the cause and put all the jerks from Religion Dr’s to Medical DR’s on the front page of your web site and let the spin begin.