Friday, September 22, 2006

RTA thwarted on cycle lane removal

The government has announced today that the RTA has withdrawn their planning modification request to remove the bike lanes on Kings Cross Road and Craigend St, says cycling activist Fiona Campbell. (see posts below)

There will be no further Cross City Tunnel road changes. The decision was made by Minister for Roads Eric Roozendal.

I am trying to find out whether that means the RTA will reinstate the lane it illegally removed from the Craigend Street ramp.

Chloe Mason from Bike Sydney says they are preparing a letter (of demand) to the RTA for reinstatement.

Chloe also reports this conversation with Lisa Mitchell from the Dept of Planning:

"C: Isn't it Interesting then that the safety issue for removal has somehow melted away?

LM: We can only speculate on that."

The retention of a lane from McElhone Street to Rushcutters Bay makes the proposed aerial cycleway over Woolloomooloo practical as a main route because it could begin in McElhone St near William St.

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