Monday, November 20, 2006

Pix coming to the park

The third year of Pix in the Park is about to happen again.

One of the more delicious highlights of the (ex) Kings Cross Arts Festival, it serves up an eclectic mix of always-interesting films with a stong Kings Cross connection.

Pix in the Park, held in Fitzroy Gardens, will screen on Saturday 25 November 2006. Enjoy a selection of short films and the multi-award winning documentary 'Girl in a Mirror' (pictured). Seating will be provided at the back but if you want to sit in the front section then we recommend you bring a rug for your bum! Pics in the Park starts at 8pm.

'Girl in a Mirror' documents the work of the late Australian photographer Carol Jerrems who mixed with filmmakers, photographers and musicians of the urban counter-cultures in Sydney and Melbourne in the '70s, as well as the dispossessed – women, children, Aboriginal people and youth gangs, and are the subject of her work. Carol Jerrems also captured her own death, from a terminal illness. She passed away at 30. Girl in a Mirror traces the passionate and exuberant course that Jerrems took through this turbulent decade.

Editor's note:
Lack of funding for the Kings Cross Arts Festival means this and other events are starved of publicity because the festival enabled 20,000 programs to be distributed citywide promoting all the events. That no longer happens.

Council's strategy of cherrypicking certain events without publicising any of them speaks for itself.

Come along and stick it up the purse-mouthed bureaucrats who do Clover's will.

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