Sunday, March 08, 2009

Drug search goes badly wrong for Police

The courts have thrown out a police case against Kristian Bolwell, a Newtown solicitor, who was assaulted and arrested by police when he offered his card to a person they were searching for drugs. Mr Bolwell had two ribs broken by police during the arrest.

Costs of approximately $6,000 have also been awarded against the police after CCTV footage showed their case against Mr Bolwell to be based on lies. 

No drugs were found on the person being searched even though he had been indicated by a sniffer dog after a squad of police had entered the Coopers Arms Hotel in Newtown and blocked off all the exits before trawling patrons with the dog.

Mr Bolwell may sue for compensation. All costs of this case will be met by you and I, the taxpayers.

ABC radio transcript here. Previous blog entry here.

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