Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sweeping sunshine off the roof

A New York Times article graphically describes the rising carnage being wrought in America’s midwest by a growing supply of illegal heroin from Mexico.

It clearly illustrates how the economic divide between poor Mexico and rich US drives people to the massive profits from drug supply which are made possible by prohibition. People are simply so desperate that legal sanctions do not deter them.

For once, a truthful statement from those pushers of prohibition, the DEA:

The authorities say that local arrests rarely make a difference. New dealers pop up within weeks. “It’s like sweeping sunshine off the roof,” Mr. Marotta of the D.E.A. said.

So prohibitionists who advocate tougher prohibition are really just urging us to sweep harder at that sunshine on the roof.  What we really need is a new broom of reform.


Anonymous said...

That's a very beautiful phrase Mr Marotta. May I use it for the title of my book?

Anonymous said...

Worst comment ever! I'm sure Mr Marotta logs in to Kings Cross Online quite regularly from his U.S. office desk in the D.E.A. so hang in there for a response, sport!