Saturday, December 16, 2006

New club approval a blow for saturation point theorists

Received the report yesterday of the Land & Environment Court appeal for the Hungry Jacks site DA that has got the temperance union all squealing, more so since they lost.

Seems like there was a lot of fuss about "saturation point" until it was discovered that there is no info defining what it means. Expect there will now be some new study with patching policy drawn up to neatly slot these DA's into - or out of.

Of course the several arguments in favour of concentration, and the social forces that create precincts like Kings Cross in every major city, are ignored by the anti-fun brigade.

Mind you, it’s a pity the developers of these super pubs are not more culturally sensitive and active while they splash around their poker machine profits. This also raises again the question of rental levels. The asking price of $5-6,000 per week for the site simply drove off all potential tenants. Upshot: the site was sold to entertainment moguls. In the end though, it’s better for Kings Cross to have an occupied street frontage than a vacant one.

The Court's Planner also said the planning intent for the Kings Cross Entertainment Precinct (which contains a strong component of entertainment oriented activities which set it apart from other urban villages) is to recognise and encourage entertainment uses in the precinct. As such, the proposal is appropriate for the site.

So there! I guess the Court said "if you don't like it, why don't you move?" in a different set of words this time.

Won't be the last we hear about it I'm sure.


R2K said...

: )

Milton said...

Typical rant about the "anti-fun brigade" from our local Greens expert who wants to turn Kings Cross into a total nightmare. Thanks Michael for showing what voting Greens means.

Anonymous said...

Entertainment = nightmare for a few, pleasure for thousands

The Editor said...

Milton, your comments do not stand up. First, I don't want to turn Kings Cross into a nightmare. I like the place but it could be a whole lot more fun and relaxed, which is the thrust of all my suggestions to improve the place. That might spell 'nightmare' to you. If so you are free to leave.

You apparently would rather have the Hungry Jacks site remain empty and dead while whingeing about all the empty shops. You are a self-contradiction.

As for your Greens comment, are you really suggesting my views automatically represent Greens policy? I can assure you they don't, and I have never said so. One small-minded twit has even tried to damage me within The Greens by suggesting I have.

Fortunately actions speak louder than petty slander and cheap political shots -- which reveal more about you than me.