Sunday, January 24, 2010

Atheists tackle the drug war

A lucid piece on the Atheist Age site gives a good rundown on the lies and hypocrisy pushed by drug warriors, speaking in terms of "evidence-free, new age magic".

The unnamed author finishes up with a link to this site and some kind words:
Michael Gormly is the author of Kings Cross Times from Woolloomooloo, Sydney. If you’re awake and a citizen of this planet, you really need to read what he has to say. Little wonder the Alternative Media Group published his piece.
Meanwhile dodgy heroin supplied by the black market in Scotland seems to have been laced with Anthrax, killing seven so far. That's seven more lives lost to the War on Drugs, a war which ensures drug supply is unregulated and carried out by organised crime. All you conservatives supporting the War should be suffering intense guilt, for these seven lives are only the latest your policies have taken.