Saturday, January 26, 2008

The ugly Australian

It's Australia Day and unfortunately I can't celebrate. The Australian flag-over-the-shoulder look has come to represent jingoism, racism and ignorance.

A few minutes ago a female friend was in Kings Cross waiting to cross the road where she saw an Aboriginal friend of hers, who greeted her. A young Aussie suburban guy, drunk, flag draped over his shoulders, cut in with: 'What did that black bastard say to you?"

My friend gave him what for, pointing out that the 'black bastard's' ancestors had been in the country a lot longer than his. The young guy made as if to punch the black, but was warned off by my friend.

Nearby a five-year-old asked his mother: 'What is that lady saying to that man?'

'She's giving him what he deserves,' was the reply.

I fear tonight's going to be an ugly one up the Cross. How did this nation become so deeply ignorant?

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