Thursday, April 17, 2008

Village Centre bites the dust

The Village Centre, between Springfield Plaza and Llankelly Place, is finally being demolished (pic below). During the '60s it was the epicentre of sophisticated al fresco living and the site of the Kings Cross Waxworks. More recently it was redeveloped and roofed to house, among other shops, a supermarket and a new TAB. But around the closure of the Waxworks in 1986 the precinct declined in parallel with the declining fortunes of Kings Cross -- which now seem to be on the rise again.

Check the Audrey Hepburn outfit on the chick in black, and the groovy Bermuda Shorts on her man.

Another block of units will be built on the site. I hope the windows will be double-glazed and the eventual residents understand they will be moving into a noisy entertainment precinct, not West Pymble, and set their tolerance levels accordingly.

Blogger Panthergirl shows a raunchy matchbox pack sold as a Waxworks souvenir (pic below), and reminisces about a childhood visit there, remembering the shark attack and rack torture exhibits. I wonder if they would be allowed today?

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