Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ban on Kava balloons into more violence, higher prices

Yes, zero tolerance fundamentalists have done it again. A ban on Kava, a mild narcotic intrinsic to Pacific Island societies, has broken up Australian 'kava clubs' which Tongans say reduced violence, underpinned their cultural roots and connected younger with older generations.

Tongans here say there has already been an increase in violence as a result of the ban.

The price of the stuff, in line with other prohibited substances, has rocketed from $30 per kg to $200, creating a great profit opportunity for smugglers and drug dealers.

Meanwhile the kava-clubbers will presumably turn back to alcohol with all its well-known consequences. Pure kava has no serious health risks. Only low-grade kava with impurities from the wrong parts of the plant contains toxins. Under the ban, though, the pure stuff will be harder to get and unscrupulous suppliers will be more tempted to flog the diluted product, exactly as now happens with other prohibited drugs.


Terry Wright said...

The Zero Tolerance nutters secretly object to one constant effect of drug use. The pleasure or happiness it brings. The health issues, addiction problems, social effects etc. are all just side issues which give their arguments some legitimacy. Why do you think tobacco is lower on their list than other drugs that people get a high from.

It's worth noting that kava was never really an issue with the government until the religious right and related loons started to raise the issue. With their missionary like attitude, they had to save the 'natives' from their evil ways and set them on the right path. We all know how that usually turns out.

Anonymous said...

Any comment from Krudd yet?

Anonymous said...

Here we go


The Editor said...

I haven't seen anything from KRudd except asking for prayers from the Sisters of Mercy. Jokingly, of course.

He's probably out trying to get a sideways glimpse of a Starbucks topless mermaid (previous comment). Geez, don't they ever give up? These morals campaigners are obsessed with sex.

I'm more concerned about the single-use containers they sell their coffee in – for environmental reasons. But no, it's all about the tits.

Anonymous said...

Kava frenzy ??????

The Editor said...

Kava frenzy? I don't think those 'of middle eastern appearance' are into kava. Probably be better off if they were.

Oh I see, in was a piece of irony! Love it.

Last night was pretty big in the Cross.

Anonymous said...

Comment Kev?

The Editor said...

Young Labor on the piss, eh. Who would have thought.