Friday, June 06, 2008

Henson panic fizzles out

It seems no charges are to be laid against Bill Henson, and the Classifications Board has given his work a 'G' rating (ABC Radio this morning). 

Yet the 'purse-lipped paragons of public morality' said the case was 'clear' against Henson. Here's a little tip on interpreting spin: 80% of the time when a politician uses the word 'clearly' you can be sure the issue is not clear at all.

Thanks to 'anonymous' on a post below for the link, and the comment: "When will Rudd realize that when a PM's personal view is made public it becomes a public view ?

For a private view to remain private he should just SHUT UP. "


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Hetty Johnston, Bill Henson has become a superstar

Anonymous said...

Charges dropped And thank Hetty for a zillion $ of free publicity.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments on the web about Mrs Della Bosca.

Kevin Rudd’s dismissive response when asked about soccer-stomping staff-threatening ALP demon woman Belinda Neal:
“Which nation state does she represent?”

She represents Australia, Kevin.

"The nation state she represents is the Labor State.
Where incompetence is ignored, bullying is encouraged, nepotism is the norm, and lies are the lnaguage of the state."

Anonymous said...

Oh hullo - here they come again - this time led by the ever-smiling Miranda Devine.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mr Rudd you've dudded again

Anonymous said...

13 year old finds Kevin really really