Monday, June 30, 2008

Peak drug body supports Injecting Centre

The Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) has revised its position on the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre in Kings Cross. 

You can read its summary here.


Terry Wright said...

I'm shocked considering that Aunty Jo Baxter, mother of the faithful is on the board.

I'm even more shocked because John Herron is the chairman and that role was once filled by Bad Boy Bubby Brian Watters.

I'm tripled shocked because even SA nutter, Ann Bressington was once a member of the ANCD.

All this HM getting around must really scare these people.

Anonymous said...

Up in the Cross today. Drug dealers doing a huge roaring business outside corner Chicken shop and Bayswater Rd.

The Editor said...

The dealers do a roaring business every day. But, especially if you are the same 'anonymous' who commented on my post about the present Catholic PR stunt that 'The Uniting Church is just as bad' should re-learn history. It was in fact this pope who, as Cardinal Ratzinger, forbade the Sisters of Charity from having the injecting Centre at St Vincent's hospital. The Uniting Church only then stepped in and has been saving lives ever since.

If you don't like the location, blame the pope!

Interestingly a counterhand from a shop in that strip was complaining recently about the drug users hanging around the 'shooting gallery'. But he surprised me by concluding that the real problem was prohibition. Under a model of regulated supply the whole problem would go away.

I agreed, saying we would also lose the drug-related crime committed to feed addictions and girls would not have to prostitute themselves to afford drugs.

He replied: "Oh, but we like the prostitutes!"

Anonymous said...

Van Beek was quoted in the NSW Supreme Court that the MSIC located in Darlinghurst Rd was the "worst possible location" she stated that she would deny it if she was ever quoted.

What a disaster of a location.

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