Monday, July 07, 2008

The costs of prohibition: Police break solicitor's rib

More fallout from police bullies with sniffer dogs: A Marrickville solicitor offered legal assistance to a person in a Newtown pub who was indicated by a sniffer dog – a perfectly reasonable offer as police always ignore their own rules of engagement by searching and humiliating people in public rather than taking them to a more private place as is their right and, when searching people without a dog present, demanding their ID without proper grounds.

The solicitor, Kristian Bolwell, was floored, handcuffed and had a rib broken according to a story in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Truly, we live in a police state and it's getting worse.

I have had similar experiences with police bullies when I photographed a sniffer dog operation at Kings Cross station. I was falsely arrested for 'swearing' (but really because I refused to show my ID, demanded to see the Superintendent intead). I also had a bystander witness, a solicitor who testified I had not sworn. When I complained to the Ombudsman the police simply lied and their commander backed them up. 

However at the time when the witness spoke up, I was immediately 'un-arrested'. Funny, I can't find that word in my dictionary. One of the offending photographs is shown above, illustrating the 'shooting fish in a barrel' tactics the police use to ensure only alcohol users come into Kings Cross.

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