Monday, July 07, 2008

Moral panic over milk

This neat satire of the prohibition mindset revolves around the Australian practice of 'milk-running', apparently a schoolies' prank involving regurgitation. There is a link to a Youtube vid showing the distasteful but possibly artistic practice.

The 'purse-lipped paragons of public morality' just can't work out what to ban in order to 'solve' the problem -- or even to be 'seen to be doing something.' It's a great window onto the 'binge' mentality of Aussie youth, with no alcohol or drugs in the picture at all. It's not even happening in Kings Cross!


Terry Wright said...

Is this for real?

Police dogs sniffing out drugs as you get off a train at Kings Cross station? People arrested for doing their job(solicitor) or taking photos?

Then there's Piers Ackerhead spewing his RW hatred and the braindead morons who support him.

And Ministerial Secretaries getting 18.9% pay rise to the tune of $1400 extra per week.

What about WYD and the blatant breach of our rights to even wear a certain T-shirt?

I am starting to hate this country. I bet the Greens are going to get popular very quickly.

The Editor said...

I know what you mean about hating this country, or rather its general cultural direction. It's difficult to avoid the emotion, especially when faced with the abysmal tripe that serves as Aussie TV drama. A nice long walk in the beautiful parts of the city or countryside helps.

What really gets me is the apathy of the general public, many of whom seem to be self-righteous, smug dobbers without the least concern about minorities being persecuted as long as 'they're alright, Jack'.

The Greens might get more popular but I doubt it as most people with a conscience are already voting for them. The majority, on the other hand, seem to vote entirely on self-interest.