Thursday, July 17, 2008

Two sides of World Youth Day

Cardinal Pell, the Pope and other protectors of pedophiles might have had a secret giggle over a slip of the tongue on ABC's AM program this morning. The announcer headlined with a story foreshadowing today's Papal apology to "vixens of sexual abuse." 

A correction to "victims" was immediate.

Freud would have raved in his groll.

Meanwhile the 'spin doctors' on the Morning Show described senior Catholics as 'not only climate change sceptics but also abuse sceptics'.

On a brighter note: Pictured are global pilgrims having a good time outside the Opera House yesterday, innocent and happy. More power to them. Shame on the politics of their leaders.


Anonymous said...

But don't you just love this letter in the Herald today. This follows a bishop asking a father whose under aged daughter was raped repeatedly by a priest not to dwell over old wounds.

"If they're so keen to stop dwelling on old wounds, why do Catholic Church leaders still re-enact and carry on about the crucifixion?

Wendy Varney Harbord"

The Editor said...

That's so funny, anonymous. And true.

Anonymous said...

More gossip. about Msgr Gänswein

Anonymous said...

Clover Moore to have private meeting with His Holiness today.

Will there be a massive photo op media blitz in the next few weeks?

Anonymous said...