Monday, November 10, 2008

First 'small bar' in Kings Cross hits a snag

After gaining Development Approval at Council last week over the objections of local residents and Greens Councillors, the would-be operators of a small bar in Llankelly Place face the onerous task of providing a Community Impact Statement. 

They now have to get approval from residents, police, indigenous leaders, medical authorities, places of worship and nursing homes according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

In Victoria by contrast, applicants simply post a notice on the premises and it is up to the community to object.

Local residents objected to the DA on the grounds of noise etc, even though they live on the Kings Cross strip and are flanked by backpacker hostels. Some say it's hard to believe they would ever notice the difference in noise from one extra bar, assuming it became a success. 

The premises used to be the Ecstasy sex shop and cruise room, closed down after last year's police raids. Word on the street is they found 'under-the-counter' sex videos involving dwarfs and animals but no child pornography, which was the rationale for the raid.

Llankelly Place remains a business 'dead-zone' despite being the first local precinct to get a design makeover several years ago. (Pictured is the lane some years ago before most of the business closures).

Council at the same meeting rejected an application from Hugo's Pizza for extended opening hours till 4am. Apparently having quality food available for the alcohol-fuelled throngs is not a good idea. Local residents again objected on the grounds of noise etc... and you have to admit the sound of people eating pizza is most intrusive. 

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