Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bollards used for slander

Someone's been putting up posters on our wonderful new poster bollards claiming Kings Cross Police are again corrupt in a reprise of the "Police State" 1980s. It says $200 a week will buy heroin dealers immunity, while a little more will "stitch up yuppies" who complain about drug dealers with the "swear/resist arrest/assault-a-cop trifecta" or take out an Apprehended Violence Order. 

It also claims the courts play along, always believing Police evidence. It provides not a shred of evidence and names several police names, but gets the identity of the Kings Cross Crime Manager wrong, citing a long-gone holder of that position. The insertion of the word "(giggle)" between several of the paragraphs lends it a surreal air but no credibility. Very strange.

"Tell 'em Wayne M sent ya," it teases.

I got a photo of the poster but it is so defamatory I can't show it. Is this our first case of bollocks on bollards?

Someone seems really angry though, and has gone to a lot of trouble to produce the piece.

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Anonymous said...

Why assume it's bollocks?
Wouldn't surprise this local at all - I could probably add to it.