Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ice not a drug of violence

It seems that amphetamines don't make people any more violent than normal. It seems, rather, that criminals tend to be violent according to a study of nearly 100,000 people by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research.

Yet it's true that people who seriously abuse ice -- or cocaine for that matter -- can and do have violent psychotic episodes. Any cases that I know of have been preceded by long intense injecting binges of perhaps two weeks with lack of sleep and proper food contributing. I surmise that people who do this must be so few they are not significant statistically.

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Anonymous said...

I did Ice a few years ago (smoking) over a 3 month period. My mates wanted to do it for old times sake and seeing though we do not know anyone who is in the game we decided to go down to the Cross and see what adventure we could get ourselves into. No one on the street wanted to know us as we looked like under cover cops. I know its not a condoned act and its frowned upon heavily, I thought I would share this as it only happened 20mins ago.