Friday, May 22, 2009

KX shooting vid goes viral

Apparently this news clip from Channel Nine has gone viral and is so popular it's being remixed on Youtube. (233,420 views by 26 May).

Check Clare Werbeloff talking about the "wogs", one fat and one thin, who argued about sleeping with one's cousin before one shot the other last Saturday night. 

Check the police numbers! While the local NIMBYS are using this as 'proof' that venues need to be shut down, we don't know that alcohol was involved. But we do know that the perp brought a gun with him on his night out. I'd say that's the fundamental problem, and punishing whatever venue these guys were at will do nothing to solve it. 

PS 25 May: The SMH reports this morning that Clare Werbeloff's eyewitness account, described above, was a fake.

"We have interviewed her and she has not witnessed the shooting," said acting Kings Cross Police crime manager, Detective Inspector Matt McQueen. " She has admitted to making it all up and has not witnessed the shooting."

IMO that makes the whole saga even better! It's live theatre of the highest order, impro from the party precinct. Alcohol-fuelled creativity! "You slept with my cousin" is the new millennium equivalent of Didn't you kill my bruvver? (by Ian Drury & the Blockheads?). Fully sick.

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