Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nick Cowdery repeats call to end War on Drugs

On the same day that Tony Abbott is in the news suggesting that judges be elected (rather than appointed) to enable ever-tougher sentencing, Director of Public prosecutions Nick Cowdery has criticised existing 'get tough on law and order' policies as being too responsive to the 'ranting' of the tabloid media,"  as reported in The Australian.

This divide of conservative and progressive thought occurs against an underlying trend of overall crime actually reducing according to crime statisticians.
Mr Cowdery said the current approach to illicit drugs was "ineffective, wasteful and inconsiderate of the human rights of those concerned".

"I would decriminalise drug possession and use and small-scale trafficking," he said.

Mr Cowdery believes the only area of drug use that should remain a crime should be large-scale commercial enterprises.


Anonymous said...

Precisely, and the whole "black" economy would collapse if weed is legalised. It's the whole picture that's missing. You cannot analyse a complex social/criminal system if no statistics or other verifiable info is available. And don't believe the individuals or foundations saying otherwise

steve said...

I agree with him. We waste too much time & money chasing this, when we are meant to be a free people, with freedom of choice. Watch the documentary called THE UNION if you want to get the real picture. Weed is natural and a gift from God. It is not a gateway drug!