Sunday, January 15, 2012

Drugs, cops, snitches and Kings Cross still in the news

Wendy Hatfield. Picture: Ken Irwin/SMH
The former Kings Cross policewoman who was portrayed as a raunchy party girl in Underbelly, after successfully suing Channel 9 over the series, is now on the warpath against the book Snitch. Both were informed by the pseudonymous KX1, a snitch who Ms Hatfield says lied about her.

She denies claims that she had an affair with local nightclub entrepreneur John Ibrahim, and that she tried to buy drugs in a nightclub. She is moving to have Snitch taken off the shelves, and has threatened to name KX1 in the face of a possible jail sentence over court orders concealing his identity. She says he would prove to be "an appalling witness". It's all in the SMH today.

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Anonymous said...

This happened in when ages ago???? It still happens today, the same old, same old.
How many times has the Lido been done for a drug bust?
Cops who protects? They must in Kings Cross protect otherwise there would be more drug busts?
When was Porkys/Dreamgirls had a drug bust, yeah yeah the same old same old. Look for protection KX1, well you can see the same old same old. Royal Commission, and the drugs still flow.
Government paying money for the Strike force to protect the Child's Play of shooting over head of Ibrahim's mother. Yes, we should be looking at who really is the gang, or is the gang having a fight within it and the cross fire for power us civilians are in the crossfire.