Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Julia Gillard comes out against drug law reform

Today's push by the Australia 21 group to wind back the War on Drugs has at least smoked out the opinions of heavy hitters like Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Attorney-General Nicola Roxon. Gillard came in particularly hard, apparently ignoring the facts and arguments in the Australia 21 report and reading straight from the prohibitionist hymn-book, as reported by the SMH:
My view about drugs is clear. Drugs kill people they rip families apart, they destroy lives and we want to see less harm done through drug usage," the Prime Minister said.
She repeated one of the basic fallacies of prohibition propaganda - that the one or two percent of drug users who have significant problems represent the whole, and that all drugs are addictive:
Ms Gillard said she wanted to help people to break out of the addiction cycle, while police should enforce drug laws.
Not only is this a hopeless generalisation, it ignores that the problems that do exist do so under prohibition and are in fact evidence of its failure. Points to Foreign Minister Bob Carr for speaking out in support of reform. Heaven help any of these prohibitionists who take him on in debate over the subject.

At least the battle lines are now clear and Gillard has nailed her position to a mast of fallacy. If you agree with reform, go to the Australia 21 site and 'Like' their facebook page. If you don't agree, please trawl this blog - you'll find a sound rebuttal for whatever your objections are. I hope you can be open-minded enough to change your mind.

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Anonymous said...

No one has ever died from marijuana use, get it right julia