Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The voice of the majority

The comment below was posted under a story by some kind person. I think it is closer to the majority view around here as distinct from those shrieking 'shock-horror-impact-ban-everything'!

"Well, well, well. Who cares if someone moved into an area 5 years ago or 100 years ago? If one rents or if one owns? All who meet national citizenship and residency requirements are allowed to enrol on the electoral roll.

In terms of various claims regarding compensation for those driven out by visual clutter etc - rent or buy a property in Pymble if you don't like it - it is a free country - use your democratic rights to protest if you don't like a DA - don't be immature about it. If not, move somewhere else - owner or renter - simple as that.

Furthermore, this country should be quintessentially about free speech. The puerile comments from some on this blog regarding certain possible legal matters are baseless, ridiculous and futile.

This blog is an embodiment of what makes Kings Cross so fabulous - colourful locals who contribute something of their personalities to the life of the community.

Think of the loud newspaper editors,even certain local activists with hair implants, old ladies who feed homeless cats, junkies asking for a spare bob, the groovy sax player on Darlinghurst Rd just to name a few.

Good on the Kings Cross Times and when are you coming back to print!!!"


Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, what a load of baseless crap!
Owner (read reaper) or Renter (read reaped), yes we all choose to be here. Pity it's getting so expensive to live in King's Cross that Pymble is becoming a realistic option. Besides, what has the cockroach-infested hole in common with Pymble, bar a few next-generation cockroaches?
It's only a short flight over to the North Shore, after all.
Perhaps the loud-mouthed newspaper editors and the trumpet-blowing artists could move to Pymble and spare us the bullshit?
I'm sure the free-speech people would be unimpeded then.

Michael said...

Gee, we've managed to get rid of the cockroaches without poison-bombing the place. We also save a fortune by renting instead of paying interest on the bloated prices around here so we are reaping while being reaped, I guess.

Pymble might be a short flight away physically but it's a world away culturally. Unfortunately the authorities are doing everything in their power to narrow that gap, and that's what we are resisting.

If the anonymous commenter above disagrees, that's fine. I'll defend his/her right to say it because free speech is a fabulous thang!

Anonymous said...

I must say I also was intrigued by the notion elsewhere in these comments that people should pay compensation to relocate those who don't seem to like living in the Cross. If you don't like living somewhere you just move don't you? Or am I missing something here? There is a local paper (Wentworth Courier) dedicated to just that - selling homes of those, who, for whatever reason, no longer want to live in the area.

A lot of us like living in KX in all it's crazy incarnations - and some people seem to not like living here and want to turn it into some kind of blandness. Well the point is it's not compulsory to live here. There are plenty of districts that are perfectly bland already and waiting. So is the Wentworth Courier. And long live the groovy sax player. And the Kings Cross Times.