Wednesday, May 05, 2010

'Stiletto stoners' want cannabis legalised

Denver attorney and Rebublican Jessica P. Correy writes in support of legalisation and the new Women's Marijuana Movement:
As organizers, we question aloud how we could ever defend to our children the fact that America spends $30,000 a year on each non-violent drug offender we put behind bars at the same time we issue a $45,000 bill to each baby born today as his or her share of the national debt. As one of several small business owners who take part in the event, I'm downright angry that this insane tax burden will inevitably mean more hours spent away from my children.
While it is traditionally the conservatives who have most enthusiastically waged the failed War on Drugs, those true to the party's libertarian principles have a different line, as Ms Correy says:
We are coming together to reclaim our country. For our children. For our pocketbooks. And for the long forgotten American ideal that in the absence of harm to others, government should not interfere in our personal lives.
The WWM site is very upbeat, showing shiny pics of sassy corporate gals in the "stiletto stoner" mould. Kind of like Sarah Palin on pot!

As the legalisation movement goes mainstream, it must be getting hard for prohibitionists to find credulous audiences for their fallacious fantasies. When will the Australian media catch up to the global debate?

The illustration here is from the WMM site. Love the footnote: Source: Every objective study on alcohol and marijuana


Weedlover714 said...

stiletto stoners? funny word.

Gledwood said...

I wish I could smoke da 'erb. But I can't. It makes me hallucinate and lose my memory. Even two tokes makes me feel distinctly weird. And not in a good way. I just have to avoid the stuff like the plague. Also I have hash-smoking to thank for an ongoing nicotine addiction... I gave up any meaningful cannabis use more than 16 years ago ~ yet I'm still hooked on the other evil weed to this day!!