Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mothers' day present

The Women's Marijuana Movement in the US is cleverly offering an e-card people can send to their mums on mums' day, letting them know you support legalisation. This addresses the tendency for people to keep quiet about their recreational preferences, because pot is illegal and governments spend a fortune demonising it, creating a social stigma among people who know no better.

The e-card available on the WMM site (which you can send from the page) uses flash animation and starts with the following text:

Thank you for raising me
to be thoughtful and compassionate,
to think for myself and make good decisions,
to respect my body and my health,
to be considerate of others, and
to be honest with those I love.
Based in part on these valuable lessons, I want to share some news that may surprise you, but should not upset you: I believe marijuana should be legal.

One of the card options comes with an order for the book, Marijuana is safer, reviewed elsewhere on this blog. Link here to that book on


bobby said...

This is a strange way to say happy mother's day but I suppose is it saying something. I can't help think there might be another more appropriate time to let a mother know that their child is most probably using marijuana because they are in favor of it being legalized. Then again, a mother child relationship can function on many different levels. To each his own. Thank you for your interesting post.

The Editor said...

Hi Bobby,

I guess this initiative is attempting to frame marijuana as a friendly family topic of discussion, to counter the moral panic and demonisation created by prohibitionists.

After all, marijuana is safer than alcohol, and it's not unusual to have a chat with your mum over a drink, is it?