Monday, November 01, 2004

Another business closes

The recently opened Diogenes Greek restaurant/cafe has closed already due to lack of business. The restaurant is in Bayswater Road near Darlinghurst Road.

The owner, Jim, says he was surprised when he put two tables onto the new wide pavement and council rangers immediately pounced and ordered him to remove them. He then began the application process to have al fresco tables, but seven weeks later still does not have a result from council.

A more relaxed and helpful attitude from Council may not have saved the business venture, but it sure would have helped.


Anonymous said...

Well what can you expect from these idiots? They cannot arrange to approve a couple of chairs and tables in nearly two months. They cannot manage road works. And they cannot screw in a few light bulbs in llankelly place. But they can sure screw the Cross.

Anonymous said...

And they cannot place a couple of locks on the toilets in the Rex building.These dead heads tell us how to run our lives. This is the public service gone nuts.

May I suggest that we vote on the idiot bureaucrat of the year.

Anonymous said...

Following on one of the biggest dry spells in Sydney's history the council bureaucrats now claim that the rain has put back the project several weeks.

This is how they work

Dry period :- Not much work
Wet period :- No work
Hot day :- No work
Day before library opening Saturday:- some rain flat out working
Sunday day before presumed library opening:- as above

Monica Lewinski we need you now to impeach the incumbent. She has left a permanet stain on the Cross

Anonymous said...

Today the USA elections are being held. In America they have a wonderful system called democracy.

This is how it works. At election time ALL senior public officials come up for election. The local police chief, general manager of the council, etc etc .