Thursday, November 25, 2004

Heritage Society petitions the Pope

Pell's Bells! The Potts Point and Kings Cross Heritage Society certainly believes in going to the top.

Cardinal George Pell seems intent on overriding the local parish to build a multi-storey medical school on the site of the Sacred Heart Church at Victoria and Oxford streets. So Andrew Woodhouse of the Heritage Society has written to the Pope asking for intervention.

That's optimism -- given the close relationship between Pell, the Pope and their Opus Dei mates, this move from a secular lobby group would seem to stand little chance.

But maybe Mr Woodhouse has a sectret weapon -- as an organist, chorister and Anglican, perhaps he plans to go over the Pope's head. Even though the prelate claims to have a direct line to God on matters of faith and morals, the creator apparently listens to lesser mortals as well.

So if we end up with a faith-based medical school in the heart of gay Sydney, it can only be the will of God! Or can it?

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