Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Criticisms Frankly offensive

Frank Sartor is apparently offended by criticisms of his carte blanche powers over Redfern/Waterloo (see stories below). He keeps talking about what a consultative type of guy he is, even though the Parliamentary Bill requires no community consultation and allows Frank to override the Heritage Act.

Yet the critics keep criticising. Local Heritage Society boffin Andrew Woodhouse has the following very succinct letter in today's Telegraph:

'The loss of heritage in Redfern and Waterloo is a concern to all communities ("Redfern plan takes shape", Daily Telegraph 29 November, page 9). This "razor plan" is a reflection of a state government that does not respect our past. How can we learn from the past if we destroy it? As a former history teacher, Bob Carr has become a traitor to his own past. Let's hope this form of demolition by neglect is Frank Sartor's "Waterloo".'

And yours truly emailed the following to Sally Loane this morning after her interview with Lucy Turnbull yesterday (the Dame of Point Piper claiming that 'something drastic' was needed for Redfern):

'Frank Sartor's plans for Redfern/Waterloo are presented as somehow solving the social problems of the area. However they are little more than the old, discredited, 'slum clearance' mentality which created the Waterloo towers in the first place, and which in reality displaces whole communities, destroying the many strong and healthy community relationships that exist there and that don't make the news. The only people who really benefit in the end are the big developers.'

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