Saturday, May 01, 2010

Mums and Moms oppose the War on Drugs

It's almost de rigeur for prohibitionists to trot out the emotional "protect our children" line in their efforts to demonise drugs -- and usually skipping any actual evidence. But some parents are more intelligent, able to see that nearly all drug-related damage is in fact caused by prohibition itself. So they form lobby groups opposing the failed War on Drugs and supporting a health care approach.

In Australia parents whose children have suffered drug addiction or even death have formed the Family Drug Support group, Australian of the Year Tony Trimingham being the best known member. A quick read of their comments page could break your heart. People desperate to free themselves or family members from addiction plead for help.

In the US it’s PATH, (Parents for Addiction Treatment and Healing) and they write up a good case against the War on Drugs  in The Huffington Post. Their website is here.

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