Thursday, December 03, 2009

The retail mix of Kings Cross, then and now

In cleaning out some comment spam this morning, I found an interesting list of main street businesses posted in 2004 when the strip was half-dead from the overtime and uncompleted street upgrade (Pictured here in September 04, pre-Smartpoles). If someone (me?) gets the time, a comparison today might be informative.

One consequence of the upgrade was killing the fruit barrow by moving it away from the station (where all those exiting the station passed it) into the mouth of Springfield Plaza (where only half the people exiting the station pass it). But Council didn't halve the rent and several operators have gone under. Now it sits there doing nothing but carry advertising and block the footpath. Does anyone have any ideas for an alternative use? It would make a great community access noticeboard... but Council bends over backwards to prevent THAT.

17 closed
7 sex shop
7 fast food
7 Accommodation
6 Pub / Bar
6 internet
5 strip joint
4 Money exchange
4 convenience
4 chinese massage
4 Café
3 souvenir
3 photolab
3 chemist
2 Tobacconist
2 newsagent
2 Hairdresser
2 Drug addict facility
2 Bottle Shop
1 Tattoo
1 Tab
1 Phone Shop
1 Library
1 gym
1 Flower
1 Club
1 Brothel
1 Bank
1 Fruit Barrow

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