Monday, September 27, 2004

Car share spots for KX district?

Council staff have been instructed to meet with the RTA about creating car spaces designated for care-share vehicles after a motion from Greens Councillor Chris Harris was supported by all councillors.

'This will allow car-share companies to expand their operations in the increasingly densely populated City of Sydney,' said Cr Harris.

'The benefit of car share schemes are many but two features are of particular importance : 1) Each car services the needs of about 15 people and 2) participants in car-share schemes tend to cut their km's travelled by about 50% -- for incidential travel, members tend to walk, cycle or use public transport. If you use a car for less than 7000-10000km each year, it is cheaper to use a share car than to own your own. And the more car share cars there are, the more useful the service.

'Small businesses can also use a share car.'

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