Monday, September 27, 2004

Is this rock bottom?

A horrific scene was graphically described at Council's forum meeting last week. A resident had seen a man going through rubbish in Kellett Street, unearthing used syringes and spoons and gathering the dregs to self-inject.

The rubbish was likely to have come from nearby sex premises, said Dr Ingrid van Beek, Director of the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre.

She said these premises still operated 'in competition' with the MSIC, which itself was hosting 200-300 injectors each day -- and properly disposing of the detritus.


Anonymous said...

The MSIC has put out absolute rubbish in the street with needles and other medical products . There are plenty of witnesses. They will provide photographic and other evidence.

The injecting centre operator says it is a busisness. (and they just do not like competion ). These people are known to tell a lot of porkies to pollies.

Anonymous said...

Seen in Kellett St recently. A junkie attacked the man from the company which picks up the sharps containers. The junkie was so desperate to get the needles and their contents that not only was the vehicle damaged but also the person collecting the needles needed medical attention.

Anonymous said...

Also seen outside the injecting centre rear entrance, a junkie having a poo on a piece of cardboard , in the gutter , next to a restaurant.

Don’t you just love having this massive collection of junkies hanging about the area? Great place to attract swarms of tourists. Shrimp on the barbie or poo on the cardboard. What the heck, its just another tourist promotion for the area.

The Editor said...

Of course none of the above would be happening if addicts could get regulated supply of heroin, and had somewhere to poo. Stop blaming the junkies -- OK they are stupid for getting addicted but be assured they know that now, too -- but it's too late. They have no choice.

There will always be people who make mistakes, including you, dear reader, and me, and the real problem here is prohibition. Have you no compassion for these poor suckers?

Heard on the radio this morning that alcohol prohibition is not even working in the 'dry' aboriginal settlements in WA, but rather making things worse.

And to those who say 'forget about repeal, it'll never happen', I say this is a self-fulfilling prophesy. On the other hand, if people keep speaking up about it, more and more people will realise the sense of it, even in the face of unremitting government and press demonisation of whatever happens to be banned.

In the old Soviet Union western brand jeans were banned. So you had smuggling, a black market, police investigations and arrests, propaganda in the newspapers -- the whole prohibition shebang. It isn't the substance, it's the prohibition!

Clover Moore has called for regulated supply. Bob Carr is too stupid or gutless to see the obvious. Lay all the above horrors on his door where they belong!

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment. Lets end the prohibition for alcohol in the W.A. aboriginal comunities. What will it achieve? More drunks or less drunks.

The Editor said...

It depends what social and community-based measures were brought in to replace it. Just banning it doesn't work. You have to change the attitudes of the minority who abuse the substance, or simply give them treatment, and leave the rest of us adults to decide our own life. It's a much more equitable and INEXPENSIVE approach.