Saturday, September 11, 2004

Council considers community grants

The City of Sydney will consider funding of $285,000 for
community-based projects at next Monday's meeting.

Council's Cultural and Community Care Committee recommended funding
106 projects, selected from 192 applications. The grants, up to $5,000
per project, support local community and cultural activities in the
City. The projects are distributed across the City, targeting areas of
greatest need.

The grants will go to projects that provide family support,
counselling and mentoring; practical support for the homeless and
other disadvantaged people and health and fitness for the young and
the elderly.

Other programs include educational projects aimed at increasing
knowledge and awareness of local history and heritage, local
activities that encourage environmental awareness and sustainability,
and community cultural activities, including visual arts, dance and
theatre, craft and festivals. (press release)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Kings Cross Times for up to the minute reports about local issues. Your very informative input ( especially if you can include images ) has created the most important and original community awareness site that I have heard about.

The Editor said...

Thanks for that -- sometimes we wonder.

Re images, so-far haven't worked out how to post them (well we have but it doesn't work). Also concerned about access times for people on dial-up modems.

Thinking of posting them on a separate blogspot with links. We have our own domain space but haven't worked out how to publish on there yet, either! Need a web expert to donate a couple of hours of time!