Saturday, September 18, 2004

Council ruins another business

The travel agency forbidden to erect an under-awning sign has now vacated the internet cafe -- see 'Born under a bad sign' story below.

This is despite Councillors having agreed the rules should be more flexible in this case. Nope. Staff applied the rules.

What is more important -- someone's livelihood or an inflexible bureaucracy which has forgotten it is there to serve the community?

STOP PRESS. The travel agency says it will still come back if it can put up a sign. Avry, the owner of World Internet, came up with a brilliant idea -- to have a triangular revolving sign like a Toblerone packet with the three business names on it. Local Place Manager Linda Mearing thought it was a great solution but... you guessed it, senior staff squelched it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Editor

Beautifully stated. The Council of the City of Sydney is here to serve the community. Unfortunately they seem to think that we are here to serve them.

Anonymous said...

How many businesses does it take to change the light bulb in a new under awning sign? Apparently less than 3!