Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Great new KX businesses

For all the grief being felt by Kings Cross businesses, there are some great new places opening. The mysteries of retail success constantly elude.

We've just been to the 'Nothing over $20' cd clearance shop on Bayswater and Kellet. Newly open for only two days, it's packed. We just spent $80 there after exercising great restraint. Really interesting cds with full cover notes etc. Now playing: the stripped down, no overdubs, digitally remastered 'Let it Be' by the Beatles. Always had lousy sound, that record -- now you can finally hear what the lads really played and sang.

In Llankelly Place, 'Little Penang' serves fabulous Asian food at budget prices. Super-fresh, no MSG, great service, pleasant little room. Highly recommended. No bit-of-protein-on-garlic-mash-for-$30 here!

And in Victoria Street on the former Bugdens bookshop site is 'Dumplings and Noodle' -- more super-fresh Asian stuff. Went there recently with a friend who'd just been to Vietnam and visited the dumpling village. The tasty and varied fresh-made dumplings here are just as good. The dumb-waiter arrangement at the back gives it that true traditional Kings Cross eccentricity.

Meanwhile Bugdens has moved to the top of William St and seems to be thriving with more room and great books at low prices. Tip: You can get a lot of KX literature there. Saw 'Darlinghurst Nights' in the window yesterday. Grab it.

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