Saturday, September 18, 2004

Library falls through the cracks

Kings Cross is about to lose its library again. The temporary library nestled between sex shops was supposed to relocate to the mezzanine level of Councils building across the street -- the old Woolworths building.

However renovations on the new building are so behind schedule that it won't be ready when a new lessee takes over the present premises.

The new library is due to be opened in October, and it will be pretty flash we hear. Library users will have to be patient in the meantime.

Our favourite council staff prides itself on its management expertise. Hmmmn. Another trifling matter, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Why can’t the library cross the road?

Anonymous said...

It would get booked?

Anonymous said...

They cannot cross the road as they are waiting for the barricades to be removed and the footpath finished.

Anonymous said...

Is the high level of negativity and whinging on this community site indicative of the rapidly declining levels of creativity and affirmative action in Kings Cross today? If so, maybe the new wave of residents and businesses arriving in the Cross will inject (sic) new resolve and postive action into this sad old place. Bring it on!

The Editor said...

I doubt it. After paying their mortgages, strata fees and credit card bills for the $800 balcony plant, they will have little left for community involvement.
But you're right about the whingeing, justified as it may be. Let's hear positive suggestions!

Anonymous said...

Sack the council again. That's positive.