Friday, September 24, 2004

Meeting? What meeting?

Now the two separate Courier publications that cover each side of the Kings Cross ridge have hit the streets, it's interesting that neither reported Monday night's forum meeting uproar . Journalists from both mags were there and interviewed me at length over the next couple of days. Avry at World Internet and his problems got a mention in the Wentworth Courier, though. All the people in Bondi must find it fascinating reading.

Looks like the Kings Cross Times is your best source of local news. We tell it as we see it and welcome robust debate. Because we don't depend on developers or real estate advertising for our living we can deal with the pressure they are putting on our town in a straightforward way.

So bookmark this site, and now read on...


Anonymous said...

From the Daily Telegraph 28 September 2004

War council: Cracks within Moore's team

By MARK SKELSEY Urban Affairs Editor

September 28, 2004

A SYDNEY City Council meeting yesterday ended in uproar, with one councillor abusing a senior staff member and Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore becoming involved in a heated spat with her deputy.

Yesterday's events reveal that there are significant tensions between Ms Moore's Independent team and the council's general manager Robert Domm.

There is also speculation that there may be some friction existing between Ms Moore's five Independents, on whom she relies to control the council.

Councillor Marcelle Hoff, a member of Ms Moore's ruling team, launched an attack on Mr Domm at yesterday's meeting.

Ms Hoff appeared upset about an e-mail Mr Domm released to all councillors last week in which he said he had "serious concerns" about the activities of deputy lord mayor John McInerney, also part of Ms Moore's team.

In the e-mail, Mr Domm said he had discovered that Mr McInerney was having discussions with the State Government over a proposed move to create an expanded government corporation, which would take control of many planning issues in the Green Square area.

Mr Domm said Mr McInerney was acting without authority as the matter had not come to the council.

Ms Hoff said to Mr Domm following yesterday's meeting: "I think what you did was disgraceful and lacked courage."

The midday meeting was called to discuss one confidential item in closed session, relating to the upgrade of Sydney Square next to the Sydney Town Hall.

But at the end of the meeting, ALP councillor Tony Pooley moved an urgent motion that the council "expresses its support for the deputy lord mayor and looks forward to a wide-ranging discussion on future proposals for Green Square".

Mr McInerney seconded this motion but then Ms Moore ruled that it was not urgent, meaning that no debate could happen.

Witnesses claimed Ms Moore said to Mr McInerney: "Can I see you in my office now?"

Mr McInerney replied to her: "No, you won't".

But by yesterday afternoon, Mr McInerney appeared to have smoothed over any disagreement with Ms Moore, saying that after talking to her he now understood why she did not support the motion being debated.

"There's another story but I can't tell you what it is," he said.

Mr McInerney said there was no disunity within Ms Moore's team.

Mr Domm was subject to a no-confidence motion from a group of residents at a community meeting at Kings Cross last week. They were unhappy about the impact the Darlinghurst Rd upgrade works were having on businesses and the area's heritage awnings.

At the same time, another of Ms Moore's councillors, Phillip Black, criticised council staff for allegedly not listening to elected members.

Liberal councillor Shayne Mallard said he would have liked Mr Pooley's urgent motion to have been debated.

"It is disappointing the Lord Mayor did not allow the motion to go forward as it could have aired some issues," he said.

Anonymous said...

One of your pundits seems to have consistently got it right when talking about the Lord Mayor. I cannot quite remember when it was said but it was along the lines that as she never worked with a team or as team leader in her nearly 60 years then she would shortly find them fighting amongst themselves and the bureaucracy.

Any bets when the first defection takes place?

My guess is it will be her deputy and it will be before Christmas 2004.

Anonymous said...

Lucy Turnbull you are a genius .You look positively brilliant compared to this dill.

Anonymous said...

The difficulty will arise when her team falls apart,she will still be Lord Mayor.
That is the problem with electing the mayor directly.

If her team breaks up Carr will have to do the following

1 Sack the council
2 Bring in a ward system
3 hold elections as soon as possible

Anonymous said...

Part time Lord Mayor? How about a full time Deputy Lord Mayor?

The Editor said...

Did you notice the article actually mentioned our little problems in the Cross? I was beginning to think there was a blanket gag in the press. Thanks, Mark Skelsey.

If someone defects from Clover's team there is no need for Carr to do anything -- it will just mean matters are debated and voted on like in most councils, and Clover will just have to argue her case and hope for the best instead of controlling every outcome. Much more healthy and democratic.

I still say this is the best council we have ever had, with all its inevitable faults, and the real problem is the staff who run the Sartor/Turnbull agenda and 'Sir Humphrey' the councillors.

Anonymous said...

So many of the staff are leaving or have left that the Sartor / Turnbull influence is finito.

Clover Moore would make a very good Deputy Lord Mayor. She could even make Lord Mayor one Day -full time that is.

Go for it Mr McInerney you should wear the ermine robes.

Anonymous said...

I agree that this is the best Council we've ever had. And while Clover's not perfect, I respect her wisdom and sense of hunmanity; I believe she genuinely has the interests of the City and its people at heart, and I believe that Clover is a really decent human being - which is just about the best attribute you can have in a job. There seems to be a lot of name calling in her direction on this site and I'm curious to know why? Anything specific - or just general disdain for authority?

Anonymous said...

I think it's a combination of old political scores being settled, and far right-wing disdain of someone who's a bit lefty and more in tune with the electorate.

Anonymous said...

"I believe that Clover is a really decent human being - which is just about the best attribute you can have in a job"

There is no doubt Clover is a decent human. This does not make you a capable administrator. Look at Dr Jim Cairns. Decent but dumb.