Wednesday, September 08, 2004

A small break for Cross business

A meeting earlier today between some small Kings Cross businesses and Council staff found at least one small way to ease the pain of construction work in the main street.

As the paved parking bays on the east side are completed, they will be opened for parking rather than remaining barricaded as at present. At least one bay is practically ready to go.

The meeting, we are told, was triggered by an article in the Sunday Telegraph critical of the raw deal businesses are getting during the works, which are running over time and over budget.

Staff said there was no way to speed up the work, and delays had been caused by problems with broken water pipes found during excavation, which required remedial work the length of the street.

Completion dates for the work have been variously given as end of November, end of December or end of January (if Springfield Plaza is included).

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