Sunday, September 12, 2004

Swans flying into the Cross

The financially stressed Aussie Rules Club in Darlinghurst Road has formed an association with the Sydney Swans in order to 'strengthen the opportunities for the Club,' according to a letter sent by Club President Mr Nicholas Ryko to club members.

The club had been under financial pressure for the past two years 'as a result of the changing demographics of the local area including the majority of hotels providing accommodation within Kings Cross,' says the letter.

Combining the membership of the ARC and the Swans 'will see the Club develop as a premier social venue for its current members,' said director Harry Tsagaris.

Three directors will resign their position to be replaced until the next AGM by three 'casual directors' selected for 'their business expertise and experience and their association with the Swans.'

Swans Chairman Richard Colless has been invited to fill one of the vacancies.

Kings Cross and the Swans? Go the Swans!

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