Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A time of the signs

You can now see in place some of the regimented signage council tried to impose on the Cross -- opposite the Bourbon heading north. They are quite OK but imagine that uniformity right through the Cross. Uniforms. Regiments. Consistency. DISCIPLINE! That's what we need! Naughty little snippets, all of us. The near-sighted should take binoculars, though.

Funny that the excellent historical text appearing on our footpaths is not in a consistent style. Witnesses say ex-general manager Robert Domm made a unilateral decision to change from the big white neo-modernist lettering to the brass plaque style now appearing. Seems to be some inconsistency about consistency there. Or is that an oxymoron? I still like some of the text Newtown got on their paths -- for instance 'Moomins not yuppies'. What's a Moomin?

The words on the corner of Bayswater and Kellett make the blood curdle. What was that about the Cross once being sweetness and light?

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Anonymous said...

I've got to say, that test bit of funky under-awning coloured lighting north of Hungry Jacks is, well, just plain funky. I hope we're going to see more than smattering of it - I'd like to see a lot more. This might be the coolest step in the right direction for the Cross to date. Keep it coming. I thought the white text in the footpaths was pretty great, but too good to be true apparently.