Tuesday, September 26, 2006

City to create 25-year vision

From a Council media release today:

A call is going out for the nation's best minds in urban planning, finance, engineering, property, the arts and environmental science to join forces with the City of Sydney to develop a 25-year vision for Sydney.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP today announced Council's decision to appoint a consortium of experts to work on a sustainable vision for Sydney 2030.

"We're developing an exciting long-term vision for Sydney which will promote 'green' urban design planning, new public spaces, an integrated transport system, art and cultural development; and sustainable economic, retail and tourism plans.

The Council decided today to implement the following initiatives:

> Call for expressions of interest for firms and individuals to deliver Sydney 2030 and Financial Plan;

> Increase resourcing in key areas such as transport and planning, security, customer service and community engagement;

> Improving the Council's operational and internal reporting structure.

To achieve this 2030 vision the City will continue its comprehensive community and corporate consultation through public and private meetings, surveys, community workshops, website questionnaires and customer service feedback.


Steven Noble said...

Good grief, wasn't the NSW government meant to be doing this with the metropolitan strategy? Or does City of Sydney think the city stops where Waverley and Marrickville councils begin?

The Editor said...

I guess this is about the city while the Metro strategy is about greater Sydney. I haven't read that much about the Metro, but I gather this City version is much greener.

While I suspect it's partly about closing out the Greens opposition (see Clover's e-news this week -- it's a green manifesto), I applaud the APPARENT direction!! But that's one of the reasons I now support The Greens -- the fear of losing votes forces the opposition to lean further in that direction.

I'll bet though that most of the city plan will depend on the state govt for realisation. They will do exactly what they want and Clover can blame them when it falls short. Most of her more enlightened stuff falls into this category, something I found out painfully when she was elected Mayor. I was expecting a change in council philosophy. I even supported her. Boy was I sorely disappointed.

Most people however just read the general bling and think she's OK.

That said, and Clover's very sophisticated political strategists aside, I do think she is sincere in her green leanings.

Anonymous said...

You forget to say we're getting 50 more permanent staff- thank god there's some movement at the station.