Friday, September 22, 2006

Edwin slays 'em again

The king of bling in Kings Cross (or is it the Queen of bling in Queens Cross as the RTA so quaintly calls it?) slayed 'em last night with episode two of Edwin Duff's 'Thanks to Frank' symposium at the El Rocco jazz cellar in Kings Cross.

Backed by the silvern Terry Wilkinson Trio, Edwin wove that old Kings Cross magic for an audience that included Helen Reddy and Barry Crocker. At 78 Edwin held the crowd seemingly without effort as he pattered his way though the inside story of Frank Sinatra's early career, cracked them up with his offbeat humour and drew ovations for the atmospheric renditions of mostly lesser known Sinatra gems.

'Escape to Capitol' (episode three of the ten-part series), will happen at the same venue on Wednesday 18 October -- Bar Me, home of El Rocco, Cnr Brougham and William Sts. Highly recommended. 'It's the only gig in town' according to Danny Ward, booking agent with the Musician's Union.

Picture: Edwin Duff in green and bling last night.

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