Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Germaine has a go at Irwin

The sad death of Steve Irwin is indeed a national tragedy. Germaine Greer begs to differ (click headline for link).

But who will take up the baton by advertising for Tourism Australia in the US? Who can maintain our international image of shorts-wearing prawn-eating crocodile-thumpers with loud voices?

I suggest the Crazy Warehouse guy from the Chaser's War on Everything. Perfect.


Djangalaang said...

How about violent, cramped prison conditions? Toxification of our living environment? Millions of people starving and dying of warfare each year? Are these not tragedies?

The Editor said...

...And the coming execution of several Australians in Indonesia. But that's what I meant -- I think the media fuss and the state funeral etc are all ridiculous.

Tony said...

The real "tragedy" (the word is so overused now that I've ceased to care whether I'm using it correctly.) is the disproportinate media coverage given to this person's death. I'm overseas at the moment, and found the news on the SMH website first. Chacking other websites, I eventually found on the ABC site that Colin Thiele had also died - probably the first Australian writer I ever read, but his death was almost ignored, it seems. Maybe if I'd been home listening to Radio National things might have seemed different.