Monday, September 25, 2006

Rooftop noise wars in KX

Shades of Batman and Robin on the rooftops of Kings Cross!

On Saturday night in an apartment block close to the Strip some backpackers -- wait for it -- had a rooftop BBQ! No music mind you, pretty low-key.

Contacts who live next door tell me at around 11pm they found their block's serial complainer stalking about on the rooftop collecting intelligence to make a complaint -- and also noticed the serial complainer from the block on their other flank, nose against her kitchen window, in pre-complaint mode. My contacts, sick of the constant harassment, let fly with some choice words at the busybodies.

Well! The cheek of it! They are now waiting for the inevitable complaints to their body corporate.

Last year in the same place one serial complainer emptied half a garbage bin of water over the DJ at a 30th birthday party being held on the roof next door. You can see their point of view though -- how dare other people have a good time! All partying should be banned! Electrocuting DJs, however, is only natural.

Pic: Roofscapes of the Naked City -- what intrigues lurk behind these innocent exteriors?


Anonymous said...

And if people are going to insist on enjoying themselves, for god's sake keep it brief!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant pic

Anonymous said...

let them have a good time - but not at other peoele's expense

The Editor said...

The trouble is that these serial complainers take 'offence' at anyone having a good time even in the middle of Kings Coss before 11pm on a Saturday night (the backpacker involved has an 11pm curfew).

What these over-sensitive locals fail to understand is that they live cheel-by-jowl with the youth of the world on their holidays.

If none of them has ever partied in their youth I feel very sorry for them and they should move to somewhere more suitable. But if any of them have partied in their youth they are simply hypocrites.

Kate de Jude said...

Kings Cross used to be the bohemian captial of Australia. Why don't the serial complainers move out so that the artists can afford to move back in?

Kings Cross has been homogenized and this hasn't changed the real problem of social issues littering the streets.

If serial complainers want peace and quiet, Far North West Queensland is a place where the silence is deafening. Go West Old Complainers!!!