Friday, September 15, 2006

RTA lies to the press

Cycle activists are convinced the RTA removed the cycle lanes from the Craigend St off-ramp without planning permission. Certainly no-one has been able to produce a copy of the document.

Some journos from the Herald got on to the story and the RTA's excuse was that the Craigend St ramp is not Craigend St, even though their application for permission described it as such. So does my roadmap.

So-far the journos seem to be convinced by the lies. It's not a huge issue but it's typical of this arrogant, ignorant government.

Thanks to the anonymous commenter below who alerted us to the SMH letter on the matter today (click headline for link)


Anonymous said...

Another letter in today's SMH ("Riled by RTA actions")

The Editor said...

It has been confirmed that the RTA did indeed act without permission from the Department of Planning. Naughty RTA. Why am I completely unsurprised?