Wednesday, September 13, 2006

RTA shafts City cycle strategy

The RTA has begun removing their new cycle lanes from William Street east. Cycle activists say numerous objections were lodged with Frank Sartor's Department of Planning but the decision appears to have been made with no acknowledgment or public consultation. The RTA claimed the bike lanes were to be removed to reduce traffic congestion and 'for safety reasons'. They offered no evidence of traffic congestion on the Craigend Street ramp (left) and failed to explain how putting cyclists in the same lane as heavy peak hour traffic made things safer.

The removal of these lanes impacts on Council's Cycle Strategy by removing the only eastern link from the network.

Picture: The white lane markings are new. Black markings show the old lanes. Work is continuing tonight.

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Anonymous said...

I note a letter from a Woolloomooloo resident in this morning's SMH this morning on this